Arabic. The language of the Quran.

Isn't it about time that you began to understand the words of Allah?

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Arabic and Quran. Online.

Teachers from the Middle East, teaching you one to one in your own home.

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Learn Arabic OnlineWith Your Arabic World Private Tutor You Will Speak And Understand Arabic Like A Native, While Cutting Your Learning Time Dramatically!

Understand the Speech of Allah. Private Tuition. Online.

Learn Arabic Online.

1Sit in one to one lessons with experienced male and female teachers from the Middle East in the comfort of your own home. Learn at a pace that suits you. With our intensive classes, our goal is that you understand a third of the Quran in just three months.

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Quran With a Shaykh.

2Ever wanted to learn how to recite the Quran properly with full tajwid? Now you can study with Shaykhs of the highest calibre in private lessons online, from your own home. We have special memorisation programmes for both adults and children.

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Fun Lessons for Kids.

3Seeking Knowledge at a young age is like carving something in stone. We offer lessons designed specifically for children so that they enjoy learning the Book of Allah. Your child will learn from native Arab teachers of the highest calibre In sha’ Allah.

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